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Whether you choose to have us create your content, or you have your own to distribute, our boater-centric markets groups help you target exactly the folks who want to hear your message.

Since the press release first “crossed the wire” into the country’s newsrooms, its distribution process and pricing model have scarcely changed. The last 20 years have transformed the way content is produced, disseminated, and viewed in completely unforeseen ways.. And yet, most newswires haven’t changed their business model.

BoaterPress has a transparent and granular view of the market outlets you choose to share your content with, and simple fixed pricing model to help you anticipate your budget. Your average cost of delivery is about 19¢ or less per outlet.

  • Boaterbase PRO Subscribers enjoy FREE Distribution
  • Our lists are always growing; price per list subject to change.
  • FREE distribution during our BETA launch!

Power Group

- 50+ print and web outlets-

Sailing Group

- 50+ print and web outlets-

Fishing Group

- 50+ print and web outlets-

Sport Boating Group

- 25+ print and web outlets-

Travel Group

Coming soon!
- 100+ print and web outlets-

Affluent Group

Coming soon!
- 100+ print and web outlets-

Travel Group

Coming soon!
- 100+ print and web outlets-

Our outlet lists are always growing!

  • Check our pricing page for current per market or multimarket distribution.
  • Get on our press distribution list to add your outlet to the mix, and automatically get all the latest releases for content on your website and in your media.


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